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Discovering New Ways of Scientific Thinking

s far. The light breakfast was taken, and the adventurers moved on. At each step the way grew more and more difficult. Every mile was steeper than its predecessor, and in many instances it was rougher. The rarefaction of the air increased, an

A subtle thought may yet give rise to fruitful inquiry that can establish truths ofgreat value.

d rendered the work of breathing more and more severe. The travellers panted like frightened deer, and their lungs seemed to gain little relief from the rest that the Doctor and his young friends were compelled to take at frequent intervals. The last of the huts of refuge was passed, and it seemed

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only a short distance to the summit. But it r

lying at


equired more than an hour's effort to accomplish

their feet


this final stage. The boys refused all offers of assistance, and struggled manf

ully on; but Doctor Branson was less confident of his powers, and was glad of the aid of the strong-limbed and strong-handed yamabooshees. All were glad enough to stand on the summit and gaze into the deep gulf of the cr


ater, while their brows were cooled by the clear breezes from the Pacific. They were at the top of Fusiyama, 14,000 feet above the level o

f the ocean that lay so far below them, eighty miles from their starting-point at Yokohama, and their vision swept an area of the surface of the